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Women Who Like Men Wearing Panties

There are lots of couples wearing panties, and more and more couples are expressing they like wearing panties together. Lots of wives like seeing husbands wearing panties, lots of girlfriends like seeing boyfriends wearing panties. And there are lots of single women who like seeing men wearing panties. There are lots of women who like men wearing panties, and no specific type of woman likes guys wearing panties over other types of women. I guess it would be easier for us men wearing panties if there was one specific type of woman into men wearing panties, then we would just search for that type of woman and know she would be into men wearing panties. So you just never know what type of woman will be into guys wearing panties, and it might surprise you the variety of women into men wearing panties. A type of woman you might think would never be into men wearing panties would be into men wearing panties, and a type of woman you might think would be into men wearing panties might not be into men wearing panties. Whats helping lots of men wearing panties and helping women understand men wearing panties is seeing that there are lots of men wearing panties out there, and seeing that men wearing panties are just normal, everyday guys. And just like a variety of women are into men wearing panties, a variety of men are into wearing panties. A community which other couples wearing panties, and men wearing panties have mentioned they like visiting is that community has been around for a very long time and over the years its shown other men wearing panties that men wearing panties is very common, and its also helped to show women that men wearing panties is common. There are lots of women into men wearing panties, they might not know they are into men wearing panties yet until they are with a guy wearing panties and he tells her he wears panties, or shows her he wears panties, however some women do know they are into men wearing panties as they have dated men wearing panties, are married to a guy wearing panties, or know a girlfriend who is with a guy wearing panties. Finding a woman into men wearing panties is not impossible, sometimes one might feel that way but perhaps its because your looking to hard for women into men wearing panties, or your specifically looking for women into men wearing panties. Lots of men have told the woman they are with that they like wearing panties and are wearing panties with wife, wearing panties with girlfriend, they are enjoying wearing panties in front of a female. That community is a great place to be around other guys wearing panties who have told wife they wear panties, told girlfriend they wear panties, or who are perhaps have not yet told wife they wear panties, told girlfriend they wear panties and are seeking advice from others who have told wife they wear panties, told girlfriend they wear panties. That community is a great place to get advice from other men wearing panties and couples wearing panties about how to tell wife you wear panties, or tell girlfriend you wear panties. Its always great to be around others who wear and can relate to wearing panties.

Couple Wearing Panties

Wearing panties together is so exciting. We love shopping for new panties, picking out new panties for each other, picking out panties each other will wear for the day. Its nice being able to enjoy our love of panties together. We both seem to have a bit of a thing for panties, ok we definitely both have a thing for panties. Both our panty drawers are overflowing with panties. We love wearing panties together, either during intimate times or just lounging around on a hot summer day or night. Its great seeing more couples wearing panties, wearing panties together is so exciting and fun.

Husband Wearing Panties

I have worn panties for as long as I can remember. Never told anyone I wore panties, never told any girlfriends I wore panties, never worn panties with a female before. It was not until I met my wife and she found out about my panty wearing that I was finally able to wear panties without having to hide it. She had found my stash of panties and wondered what my stash of panties was all about, I sat down and told her I liked wearing panties but only wore panties occasionally, but I would like to wear panties more and would like to wear panties in front of her. My wife was not really phased by me telling her I like wearing panties. She just said ok, you should of told me sooner that you liked wearing panties. She has really embraced that I like wearing panties, and she likes seeing me wearing panties. She understands panties are clothing, and wearing panties does not change me, she understands that I wear panties because they feel good next to me. Its great having an understanding wife, and its amazing being able to wear panties whenever I want and wear panties with my wife.

Girl Likes Guys Wearing Panties

I think guys wearing panties are such a turn on. Mens underwear is boring and I see no problem with a guy wearing panties, its only clothing. Us women have so many choices when it comes to underwear, not to mention how soft panties feel, how silky panties feel. I know I love the feeling of a soft pair of panties and a silky pair of panties against me, have often caught myself standing at the mirror caressing my behind and front in panties. I can only imagine how soft panties, silky panties would feel like on a guys and can imagine lots of guys have done the same thing I have done standing at the mirror seeing themselves in panties and caressing themselves in panties. Panties just feel so great, and I love seeing myself wearing panties, seeing other women wearing panties, and I like seeing guys wearing panties. I do not have a boyfriend currently and have no idea if any of my past boyfriends wore panties, if they did that would suck that they did not tell me they wore panties.

Enjoying Panties Together

Its great to see other couples wearing panties together. We enjoy wearing panties together and get so turned on hearing about other couples wearing panties, and seeing other couples wearing panties. We have never seen another couple wearing panties together in person but have seen lots of pictures of couples wearing panties together at that community that community is also where we post pictures of us wearing panties together. Its so great to be around so many other couples wearing panties, and so many men wearing panties, and we have made lots of great friends at that community. We have been on many communities over the years, many were not specific to wearing panties as we are also into other things,  many of those places both that were specific to men wearing panties and those there were not specific to men wearing panties are not around anymore. We always found ourselves coming back to to post new pictures, check out others pictures, talk with friends we had met there and certainly make new friends. Wearing panties is exciting, and its exciting to be around other couples wearing panties and men wearing panties.

Neighbors Boyfriend Wearing Panties

I have to say I like seeing men wearing panties. My husband does not wear panties but the neighbors boyfriend wears panties and  I often go over there to hang out with her and her boyfriend. Several times he did not realize I was there and came walking into the living room, kitchen etc wearing only panties. I have had many conversations with her about him wearing panties and its such a turn on to hear her talk about him wearing panties, how him wearing panties has made them so much closer, how its spiced things up, and how amazing he is in bed, she says its like the panties give him super powers or something. I admitted to her that I like seeing her boyfriend wearing panties and that it turns me on and it turns me on hearing the things they do while he is wearing panties. I told her I wish my husband wore panties. She invited me to go shopping one day with her and him, I did not know at the time it would be panty shopping. So we went to the mall, went to a few stores just browsing around and then we started to go into clothing stores and into the lingerie sections, and they started looking at panties, it was such a turn on going panty shopping with them. She told me to pick out some panties for him and he will model those panties for me when we get back home. I was so turned on and excited, I picked out two pairs of panties for him and we walked around the mall for a bit and then left. I was so wet the entire time walking around the mall, I was probably making noises as I walked. We got back to there place and me and her sat on the couch in the living room as her boyfriend went back to the bedroom to change into one of the panties I picked out for him. I was so excited I was squirming on the couch, flooding my panties with even more wetness. I was wearing a sundress and my neighbor reached over and put her hand on my thigh ontop of the sundress and said I can tell your a bit excited. He came walking out in a pair of panties I picked out for him and walked in front of us like he was on the runway, turned around and walked by us again, then he walked in front of us facing us and stopped, paused for a moment and then turned around and then turned to face us again. He was hard, and I mean very hard, pressing against the front of those panties, it was so exciting to see, I just wanted to reach out and touch him but I did not know if that was ok or not. Back to the bedroom he went and put the next pair of panties on, and did the same thing, walked in front of us a few times and then stopped in front of us giving us a nice close up view of him in panties. Once again he was so hard, stretching out the front of the panties, a nice panty tent for sure. I just wanted to reach out and touch him and thats when the neighbor said go ahead you can touch him if you want to, I looked over at her probably with this look on my face that said really I can touch him. She said again I can tell your excited, if you want to you can touch him. With that I put my hand up to his panty tent and touched him, the moment I felt him through the panties I felt this tingle go through my body. As I touched him my neighbors hand slide under the sundress and to about mid thigh and she started to caress my thigh with her hand. I have never been with a woman before, never even really thought about it, but it did feel good having her caress my thigh. She liked seeing me touching him through his panties as she kept looking back and fourth at me touching him and then at my thigh. I continued to touch him through the panties, rubbing my hand up and down the front of his panties. Feeling him through the panties felt so amazing. After a bit she said do you mind if I go higher up your thigh, I looked over at her once again with a look on my face,  probably with my eyes wide open and perhaps my jaw open. All I could really get out was ok, she said keep rubbing him as her hand slide farther up my thigh and in toward my inner thigh. She got to the edge of my panties and I squirmed a bit and she looked up and said are you ok, and I said while taking a deep breath and swallowing, yeah. I kept on rubbing her boyfriend through his panties up and down, and reached around and squeezed his backside a bit with my other hand, I could see a bit of a wet spot on the front of his panties and this made me so excited. The panties I picked out for him fit so well, it was like they sealed around him as you could see the entire outline of him front tip to balls. She then slide her hand over the front of my panties and once again I squirmed a bit. She had to of felt that huge wet spot on my panties and soon I felt the tip of her finger slide under the side of my panties a bit, and I got even more excited and could feel myself almost gushing my juices out into the crotch of my panties. She looked up at me and said do you want to slide your panties off, once again I looked over at her with wide open eyes and jaw dropped and all I could say was ok. So with that she reached for the waistband of my panties and I lifted up myself and she slide my panties off me. I went back to touching the front of her boyfriend through the panties, rubbing him up and down and enjoyed the feeling of him through the panties so much. She slide her hand back under the sundress and I felt her touch the inside of my thigh making her way up higher and higher until she touched my lips, and then made her way in farther until she touched me, I was so soaked and slippery. I looked over at her and she had my panties up to her nose, I was sort of embarrassed because my panties were so wet, and I heard her say, wow your panties are soaked and they smell so good, then she licked my panties. I was so turned on watching her sniff my panties, lick my panties and having her touching me. I have never had a woman touch me, and never even really thought about it, but it was such an amazing turn on having her touch me and watching her sniff my panties, lick my panties all while her boyfriend was standing in front of me wearing panties and I was touching him. So this went on for a bit, I got even more wet, and the wet spot on his panties got even bigger and I could tell he was started to twitch a bit. She started to rub me faster, and I started to rub her boyfriend through his panties faster and she said do you think you both can come. This was amazing and I looked up at him and he shook his head yes and I looked over at her and shook my head yes and a few minutes later I could feel myself getting very close and I rubbed him a bit faster as I knew it would not be long and I would be there. Just after I started to come, he started to come in his panties, I could see his balls pulsating and could see the panties getting soaked and some seeping through the panties. I never would of thought something like this would happen, I never knew a guy wearing panties was such a turn on until I saw her boyfriend wearing panties and I never thought about having another woman touch me, and here I got to experience both things. It was such an amazing experience, and one that has happened several times since.

Couples Wearing Panties

More couples need things to spice things up in the bedroom, and panties are a great way to spice things up in the bedroom, women you already have a drawer full of panties just waiting to spice things up. Panties are a great way to be a bit creative and have a bit of fun, no need to get any sort of toys, etc, when panties will create a new level of excitement. Open up your panty drawer and grab a pair of panties and toss those panties at your husband or your boyfriend and tell him to put those panties on.You will see how excited he gets, it might even surprise him if he has never worn panties before. So toss a pair of panties at your boyfriend, or your husband and tell him to put your panties on, or if your panties are not going to fit your boyfriend or husband, stop and pick up some panties just for your boyfriend or husband and surprise him with some panties of his own. Panties have this amazing effect on guys, and lots of women already realize this and have tossed a pair of panties at there husband or boyfriend and seen the effect wearing panties has on him and how he gets harder than ever before, and how he will pleasure you like never before while wearing panties.

Wife Likes Husband Wearing Panties

I like seeing my husband wearing panties. At first my husband wore panties just during intimate times, it was just something we did to spice things up a bit. Guys don't have many options for sexy bedroom wear and one night I just tossed my panties at my husband and said here put these on. He looked so good in my panties, and was so hard in my panties and he was like the energizer bunny that night. For awhile my husband only wore panties when we were intimate but slowly he started leaving them on while falling asleep, waking up next to my husband wearing panties we often were intimate again. So eventually my husband started putting panties on in the morning, wearing panties all day, wearing panties to work, wearing panties wherever we went. Progressing to wearing panties more and more was was just something that happened naturally. What started out as just wearing panties during intimate times has now turned into my husband wearing panties all the time. I like seeing my husband wearing panties and knowing he is wearing panties under his pants, its exciting wondering what panties he is wearing. Its nice seeing others wifes expressing how much they enjoy seeing there husband in panties.

Panty Wearing Couple

My husband wears panties and I enjoy seeing my husband wearing panties. We have been married for 15 years and my husband has always worn panties. Mens underwear is boring, boxers, tightly whities they just do nothing to turn me on, but seeing my husband in a pair of stretch nylon panties how they stretch around his well you know, and have they cup his well you know, its such a turn on seeing how panties fit my husband and its certainly spiced things up alot for us.

Couple In Panties

Its nice to see so many couples wearing panties, we are a couple that likes wearing panties together. Wearing panties together feels so amazing and its brought us so much closer together. We are like best friends, we go panty shopping together, we sit around in our panties together, when we see ads for panties, or when seeing panties while shopping we talk about what we like about those panties. We both have lots of panties in our panty drawer and its fun to see what panties each other picks out to wear for the day and even more fun when we get home and get to strip down to just our panties and cook dinner, lounge around in our panties, etc.

Wearing Panties Together

Me and my wife enjoy wearing panties together, wearing panties together has really spiced things up for us. Its fun going shopping for new panties for both of us and its fun to put our new panties on and model our panties for each other. Its exciting wearing panties and much more exciting wearing with my wife and knowing she enjoys seeing me wearing panties. More couples should wear panties together its something fun, exciting, and pleasureful for both.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Couples Wearing Panties, Woman Who Like Men Wearing Panties

We are a couple that enjoys wearing panties together, many couples like wearing panties and many woman are turned on by men wearing panties. So what type of men wear panties, well all types of men wear panties, you never know what man might be wearing panties, it just might surprise you to find out which men wear panties. And what type of woman like men wearing panties, well same thing, all types of woman like men wearing panties, you never know what type of woman will be into guys wearing panties, and once again it might surprise you to see which woman are into men wearing panties.. It would be simpler if all woman who liked men wearing panties would wear a sign or something, then guys would know they could let the woman know they wore panties and they could enjoy all the joys of wearing panties together. It might surprise guys to know just how many woman like men wearing panties, woman are becoming more aggressive in the bedroom, they are no longer timid and think they have to hold back. Couples are always looking for ways to spice things up and many woman who are with a guy wearing panties express that a guy wearing panties makes for a much better lover, he is interested in sex more often, he is not selfish and he gets well lets just say harder than a rock when wearing panties. They find that if there man can be open and honest with them about wearing panties that he makes for a better friend and lover and that the communication is the relationship is much healthier. Add in the fact that lots of woman enjoy seeing guys wearing something other than boring mens underwear, and the fact that panties just show off a mans curves and his well you know much better, and you are finding more and more couples who enjoy wearing panties together.

Men Wearing Panties Is More Common Than One Thinks

Men have always had a fascination with panties. After all they are the most intimate piece of clothing a woman wears. Many guys have felt that curiousness that comes over you when you first spot a pair of panties, it instantly comes over you, you want to pick them up, next after you have them in your hands you realize just how good they feel, and that your holding something so sexy and erotic. Thoughts about how they feel against you suddenly come over you and before you know it your standing there wearing panties. Its amazing how panties instantly turn a guy on and how excited guys get wearing panties. The fact is that men wearing panties is really a normal thing and men from all over the world enjoy wearing panties, and you never know how many men you may walk by each day that are wearing panties under there street or work clothing. For most men being able to wear panties in front of woman is the ultimate turn on, however many men go years and even a lifetime enjoying panties alone. Many men have been able to wear panties with there wife or girlfriend, there is an increasing number of couples wearing panties together. And there is also an increasing number of women who like seeing guys wearing panties, woman are becoming more open sexually and are expressing things that turn them on and one thing that many woman are curious about is seeing men wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie, just something about seeing a guy in panties, pantyhose and lingerie has got many woman very curious and turned on thinking about it. They have heard about couples wearing panties and have heard how much a turn on seeing a man wearing panties is, and how it has spiced things up in the bedroom and has made for a much healthier relationship and sex life. A great community to visit is its a community for men wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie, that community has been around for a very long time and thanks to that community many woman have started to understand why men enjoy wearing panties. Being around others who wear panties, pantyhose and lingerie, many of which wear with there wife or girlfriend and others who are still finding out ways in which to tell a wife or girlfriend is a very important thing and that community has done a great job for the panty wearing community. There are many couples wearing panties that are apart of that community many of which post pictures, movies and stories and many who give advice to others who would love to be able to wear with there wife or girlfriend. To be able to talk with couples wearing panties is not only informative but I must admit a huge turn on.

Girl That Likes Seeing A Guy Wearing Panties

I also like seeing a guy wearing my panties. I love seeing the bulge stretching against the material. I love how hard a guy gets slipping on my panties and love to suck on him through my panties. Seeing how his precum gets the front of the panties wet is such a turn on. I love grinding against him while we are both wearing satin panties and how the slippery material slides so easily.

Got Boyfriend Into Wearing Panties

I enjoy seeing my boyfriend in panties, mens underwear is so boring. I actually was the one to get him into wearing panties and knew he would look good in tight panties. He was a little embarrassed at first standing in front of me in panties but you could tell it felt so good. He seems to have much more energy now that he wears panties also, he is always in the mood for sex which before I got him to wear panties it was long between times of us having sex. Now he wants it just about every day, wish we had time for it everyday. I see nothing wrong with guys wearing panties, I love seeing my man in panties, we just enjoy being playful and more couples need to be more playful.

Like Seeing Men In Panties

I enjoy seeing men in women's panties. I wouldn't mind shopping with a man for panties for both of us. Even maybe purchasing matching panties or same style different color (mine would be in blue and his would be in pink). The hottest thing ever is to see a man in a suit and know that under that suit there are, lacy, white panties on him! Or a construction worker in a hard hat with red lacy panties on underneath his plaid shirt and jeans and work boots. I love pictures of men in women's panties. With a little bit of his manhood sticking out. I am getting wet just thinking about guys wearing panties.

Guys Look Sexy In Panties

I think guys look so sexy in a pair of silky panties with their bulge stretching the panties or the head poking out the top.

Woman Who Likes Men Wearing Panty

I am a woman who likes seeing men wearing panties, people should be able to wear what ever they want. Us woman are allowed to wear guys stuff, why not guys. Girls have way more choices, its not really fair. Panties are an article of clothing and they should not carry a label that only woman can wear them. I find mens underwear to be boring and totally see why guys would want to wear panties. The fabrics are so much softer and silkier, heck I get turned on wearing silky panties and they way they rub against my lips down there. So its not hard to see why guys enjoy wearing panties. My boyfriend wears panties and it does not change who he is, I find he is happier and less stressed out when wearing panties. More woman should relax and give your guy a chance to explain why he enjoys wearing panties and show you what he looks like in panties.

Couple Wearing Panties

My husband also enjoys wearing panties. We have been married for 10 years and I found out about 2 years into our marriage. When I found out it did not shock me, upset me or anything as I knew my husband and knew it was just something that turned him on and did not change who he was. We sat down and he told me why he enjoyed wearing panties, when he started wearing them, what types he likes to wear, and that he would like to be able to wear panties more with my approval. I had no problems with him wearing more and wearing panties during sex. It turned me on to see him wearing panties and I noticed how he was more turned on while wearing, he was much harder and also how much more he was into foreplay. It really spiced things up for us and we communicated more, my husband could not relax and enjoy wearing panties instead of hiding it from me and it made him much more relaxed and approachable. We often go shopping for new panties together and its fun to be able to shop in the lingerie department with your husband instead of him standing on the outside as many husbands do or rush you when your picking out things. He has his panty drawer and I have mine, we have about the same amount and a variety of styles including thong, bikini, boyshorts, gstrings, hi cut, briefs and a few crotchless panties. We like a variety of styles but mainly bikini and thong. As far as fabrics go we also have a variety including satin, nylon, microfiber, lace, cotton, lycra and panties with a combination of fabrics like nylon and lace. As of right now my husband only wears panties, he did mention that he has tried pantyhose on before a few times and it did feel good but his main turn on has always been panties.

Love Wearing Panties, Pantyhose and Lingerie With Wife

I am a male that wears panties, pantyhose and lingerie. I have been wearing panties ever since I was about 12 and pantyhose and lingerie ever since about 20. I have been married for 8 years and my wife has always known that I enjoy wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie. When I told her she did not react but was curious to see me wearing everything, I was sort of overwhelmed and in shock that she basically wanted me to put on a fashion show for her that very night and show her everything I had, sort of weird I had to tell her to slow down and take things slow and she will see me in everything that I have. I mean that must be every mans dream who wears panties, pantyhose and lingerie to put on a fashion show for a woman but when faced with the pressure of it I was overwhelmed and shocked as it would have taken all night to show her everything. Plus it was the excitement of her seeing me in things over time and not just all at once. When my wife first saw me wearing something she was all over me, she was pretty aggressive which she normally is pretty aggressive but this was much more, I enjoyed the surprise of her being so much more aggressive. I asked her if she enjoyed seeing me wearing the things I wore and she nodded her head yes and continued to feel me through what I was wearing. Me being able to wear panties, pantyhose and lingerie has made our sex life much more playful and enjoyable, its given us many more things to spice things up. We often go shopping together for new panties, pantyhose and lingerie and have even bought some sexy costumes during halloween. My wife seen how much I enjoyed panties, pantyhose and lingerie and she also seen that me wearing them did not change who I was and that it did not effect our relationship. We had many conversations about when I started, what I enjoyed wearing and we still to this day have conversations about my past wearing and also conversations about what I like to wear or what I would like to try. Its so nice to be able to be open with her and talk about it because for years I enjoyed my dressing alone. I cannot say that all wifes or girlfriends will be into a guy wearing panties, pantyhose or lingerie but I do think that many more wives and girlfriends would be into it but understandably many men are nervous about telling there wife or girlfriend so many men never find out if there wife or girlfriend would be into it.

Couple Wearing Pantyhose

My boyfriend enjoys wearing pantyhose. He is in great shape and has nice muscular legs and I enjoy seeing him wearing pantyhose and seeing them clinging to his thighs and butt. He wears them often and not just when he wants to pleasure himself, he will often wear them all day and even to work. For him is both a turn on and a comfort to wear pantyhose, they keep him warmer when is cold out, and he often will wear them while working out on our home gym, if only he could wear them out to a gym now that would be something to see. He also enjoys pleasuring himself with pantyhose either wearing them or wrapping them around himself and he enjoys when I help of course. I get turned on seeing him in pantyhose and how the cling to him and how turned on he gets, we often both wear during intercourse and foreplay lasts much longer as there is much more caressing going on while we are both wearing pantyhose, feeling his silky legs and butt gets me so turned on and I know it turns him on to feel my legs and butt in pantyhose. The feeling of the fabric rubbing against each other is amazing, its so slippery smooth and silky when you rub each others pantyhose covered bodies together. I have always been fine with him wearing pantyhose, its such a turn on for both of us, I have even found that I enjoy him rubbing me through pantyhose, something I probably never would of explored and found out before, I just wore pantyhose and never thought about the pleasure they could bring me. I love it when he is hard and wearing pantyhose and he rubs himself against my clit, wow our privates both covered in pantyhose and rubbing against each other, its makes me cum so hard. To me pantyhose are unisex they can be worn by men or woman and can be enjoyed by both. I am happy that me and my boyfriend have discovered the joys of wearing pantyhose.

Turns Me On To See My Husband Wearing Panties

My husband loves panties and lingerie. I know that there are thousands of men out there with this same fetish and many couples who enjoy wearing together. I have almost been married to my husband for 15 years now and we have 3 children together. When we first starting dating my husband would always buy me lingerie. I loved the fact that he had bought them for me and I could tell that it drove him wild each time I would wear them. He always enjoyed rubbing me through the material and licking me through it also. I could tell that he enjoyed when I wore panties or lingerie and could also tell he enjoyed rubbing himself against them so one night I took them off and wrapped them around his cock and stroked him until he came all over them. The next day I went out and bought him a pair of satin panties and that night I left them laying on the bed and came walking out of the bathroom in a sexy babydoll and matching panties, my husband looked at me and saw that I was dressed already and then looked down at the panties laying on the bed. I said honey those are for you, I have noticed how into my panties you are and how good they feel wrapped around your cock, and figured they would feel even better if you wore them. He was hesitant to slip them on but I could tell he wanted to jump right in them. I walked over and picked them up and held them open so he could step inside them. He instantly got hard as they touched his feet and by the time I got them all the way up a drop of pre cum had already formed. I rubbed my hand over the front of the satin panties and he had to back up and take a moment to cool down. I loved seeing him in the panties and how they stretched tight against him and showed his hard bulge. I reached around and felt his satin covered butt and gave it a squeeze. I loved seeing my husband wearing panties and seeing how excited he got. We continued our foreplay, feeling each other through our panties, my husband having to pull back several more times because it was to intense. I bent down and kissed him through his pantie and ran my tongue from his balls to the tip of his cock which was just barely sticking out the top of the panties. His body quivered and his cock twitched and I thought he was going to cum. I licked his cock through the panties several times, teasing his cock in panties and seeing his pre cum dripping down onto the satin material and licking it up. It turned me on so much seeing my husband wearing panties and my own panties were soaked. I wanted to see him cum while wearing panties so I continued teasing his cock through the satin material and reached around and grabbed his satin covered butt to hold him close to me so he could not back away to cool off. After more kissing his cock through the panties and licking his shaft up and down through the satin panties he called out I am going to cum. I made sure I was at the top of the waistband of the satin panties when he came so I could catch most of it in my mouth and the rest I licked up as it ran down his panties. I loved making him cum while he was wearing panties. That was the beginning of whats been many many erotic times involving both of us wearing panties. Most men enjoy seeing a woman in panties but what also might be is that just like my husband they enjoy the feeling of the panties also, and not just on you, but on them. Sex is about pleasure, finding new ways to keep the spice going and new things that pleasure each other.

I cannot tell you how much it turns me on to see my husband wearing panties and to see just how turned on he gets when he is wearing panties. I know many other couples enjoy wearing panties and lingerie together and are finding out just how pleasureful it is.

Boyfriend Wearing Panties Has Brought Us Closer Together

My boyfriend likes to wear my panties. Not just before we have sex, but he likes to wear panties all the time. I know he is not wanting to be with men or anything like that, he says he just "likes the way panties feel." It doesn't bother me. I actually think it's sexy and it does turn me on. We have went shopping for panties together and its fun, we have become much closer friends now that he wears panties without fear of me finding out or fears that I will not like him wearing panties.

Men Wearing Panties

There is absolutely nothing unhealthy or abnormal about a guy wearing panties. Think of it this way, considering that much of women's underwear is nylon, lace, satin or silk, and men's underwear is usually cotton, it's not surprising that there are men who prefer women's underwear. There are women who prefer to wear men's boxers or briefs, and men who prefer to wear women's panties. One has to remember that underwear whether it be womans underwear or mens underwear is just a piece of clothing and not something that changes the person you are with. "Crossdressing," which is generally defined as wearing the clothes of the opposite sex, is not indicative of homosexuality. Its does not change ones sexual preference, in fact most men who do crossdress are straight. Men who wear panties are a mixture of sexual preferences just like the rest of our society, and wearing panties, pantyhose or lingerie does not dictate ones sexual preference just as any other things one is into does not dictate ones sexual preference. Wearing women's underwear is probably not a phase that all guys go through, but many men enjoy wearing women's panties and many enjoy wearing women's panties under their male clothes on a daily basis. Many woman are married to a husband that wears panties, pantyhose or lingerie and many other woman are dating a boyfriend that wears panties, pantyhose or lingerie. Some of these woman know there husband or boyfriend wears panties, pantyhose or lingerie and some do not. Some woman are more open minded than others and more accepting and into seeing there husband or boyfriend wearing panties, pantyhose or lingerie. Thanks to more and more woman seeing that wearing panties is not something to freak out about, more men who wear panties, pantyhose and lingerie are able to communicate with there wife or girlfriend and tell them they like wearing panties, pantyhose or lingerie.

Caught Boyfriend Wearing Panties

I decided to kind of drop in on my new boyfriend yesterday evening. I was in the neighborhood and thought it would be a nice surprise to see him. I walked in and dropped my keys, as he bent over to pick up my keys I could see his undies had a lacey waistband. Without thinking I asked if was wearing panties. He was beat red and kind of stammered. Then he said yes and told me how he liked how they felt. I then made him show me. He didn't want to but I insisted! He was wearing nylon pink Hanes panties with a cute lace waistband.  I let him know that he was wearing sexier panties than I wear. I have heard of men wearing panties and have even caught past boyfriends masturbating with my panties so I knew guys had a thing for womans panties. Was I shocked a little bit but he did look good in the panties. I knew it was harmless and knew it did not mean he liked guys or something, why some woman I have heard jump to that conclusion I have no idea, if you know your man than you will know if he is into guys or not regardless of if you find out he is wearing panties. We sat down and talked about him wearing panties and he showed me his collection, again I said to him you have sexier panties than me, its not fair. So he mentioned we should go shopping for some panties for both of us, I thought it sounded like a great idea. Since finding out he wears panties  we have had so much fun, he just seems to be more relaxed since I have found out. I guess my advice to woman would be don't get your panties in a bunch if you find out our boyfriend likes wearing panties, take a deep breath and bite your lip before you speak and say something, think about the man you are with and really ask yourself does him wearing panties change anything about him, have you noticed before you found out anything different, in most cases your answer will be no, and him wearing panties does not change him, or who he is, or the man you fell in love with. We all have different likes and things that excite us, but unforgettably many of us both men and woman are afraid of others finding out what excites us fearing we might be the only ones into this or that. Being able to express what you like to your partner is very important to have that level of communication.

Asking Husband To Wear Panties

Men wearing panties has definitely become very common these days in alot of relationships. Its totally normal for men to wear panties and many women are actually encouraging it or accepting of it. Alot of my friends ask or encourage their husbands to wear their panties as part of spicing up their love lives. I first asked my hubby to wear my panties a few years ago, thats right I asked him to wear them, he enjoyed it from the first time he slipped on my panties, and hes been wearing them ever since. And from what my friends tell me, most of their hubbys enjoy it too. I mean think about it, guys boxers and briefs are made of relatively boring styles and materials. Womens undies are much more enticing both as to how they look and the feel of the different materials they are made up of. I think more woman should encourage there boyfriends or husbands to wear panties. It really does spice things up in the bedroom and makes for much more fun times.

Like My Husband In Panties

I also have a husband who likes to wear panties. I will admit when i first found out it was a bit different to me. Over time i began to realize just how many guys wear panties and that they are just normal everyday guys who come from all walks of life and backgrounds. I realized it did not effect our relationship, in fact it helped our relationship by spicing things up in the bedroom and also my husband was much more open with his feelings and we could communicate much better. He has become a much better husband and much better lover since I found out he wore panties.

Husband Looks Hot Wearing Panties

My husband looks and feels very sexy in satin panties. Its great to spice things up in the bedroom and to do something different. This is one of the different things that we both enjoy. He looks so hot wearing women's panties. More couples need to spice things up in the bedroom and panties are a great way to do that, most men are fascinated with panties so why not embrace that instead of fearing it. There is nothing to fear about a man who likes panties, its just a pierce of cloth and men being as tactile as they are, that piece of cloth feels very nice against them, us woman should acknowledge there love for panties.

Together In Panties

My boyfriend wears satin or nylon panties all the time. I like the way he feels in them and the way he looks in them. I love it when we are both wearing panties and we just lay there caressing each other in panties.

Wife Likes Seeing Me Wearing Panties

My wife loves me in panties, many years ago, just fooling around with my wife, I put on a pair of her panties, she said wow you look so sexy in them, they really show off your stuff. The next day when I came home from work, she said I have a surprise for you, it's in the bedroom. I went into the bedroom and on the bed all laid out was 12 pair of panties, six pair of pastel colored one and six pair of pretty print flowered ones. After trying them all on, I went to put them in my underwear drawer only to discover she had removed all my men's underwear except for one pair. Needless to say I have worn panties ever since and wouldn't wear any thing else. There are thousands and thousands of men who wear panties.

Couple Wearing Panties

I love the feel of nylon panties on my husband and he does to as he gets much harder than usual when he is wearing nylon panties. I rub him through the front of them and that gets a rise out of him. We often both wear nylon panties and then lie facing each other and rub our nylon covered fronts against each other.

Woman Turned On By A Guy Wearing Panties

The fact is that many men enjoy wearing panties. If you ask them, at least 9 times out of 10 they will tell you it's either because they find them comfortable or because it's erotic to them. It's a textile thing, .the feel is sensual, erotic, enticing. It makes them feel good, physically. Some also feel it is like taking a little piece of their wife or girlfriend with them all day long. It keeps their women on their mind throughout the day! That is not a bad thing! And it is normal. There are more men in panties than you can probably fathom right now, and the vast majority of them are straight, and perfectly normal. I have dated men who wore panties and my current boyfriend wears panties, I love seeing men in panties, mens underwear is boring and never turned me on, but seeing a guy in panties instantly gets me turned on, even thinking about it turns me on. More woman should ask there man to slip on some panties and see for yourself just how much of a turn on seeing a guy in panties is. Couples need to be more playful, and panties are such an erotic thing for both to turn each other on with.

Why Panties Are Such A Turn On

A man wearing panties is completely normal. Think about it from his point of view. There is nothing sexier than a woman in panties. The sexier the panties the better. So visually in our heads when we see a woman in panties or even envision panties in our head it conjures up erotic thoughts. By wearing panties we now have the sense of feeling also, feeling them against us and thinking about it completes the erotic feelings we are having. A man wearing panties is very normal, something that sits so close to a womans intimate parts is bound to make any man curious and once you feel the fabric one cannot help but wonder what they would feel like against you. Its about being connected on an erotic level with a woman without being with her because you have her most intimate item to pleasure yourself with. Many woman pack a husbands or boyfriends suitcase with a pair of there panties to remind there husband or boyfriend of them. Men are very visual and most woman realize just how much a turn on a pair of panties is whether its on the woman, in the drawer, on the floor, or on the rack at the store.

Couple That Has Fun In Panties

Men all over the world, in every walk of life, are wearing panties. It's a simple fact. It's a turn on, nothing wrong with that! Men tend to be more sexual than women, and they are all about the visual and the feel, where women are usually about the emotion. Men are tactile, women are more abstract. Generally speaking. So the bottom line is, if it feels good, they usually do it! It's nothing to worry about. My boyfriend put my panties on at my request one night, and he's worn them many times since. He likes the way they feel, and they feel good to me too (on him, if you know what I mean! hehe). Have fun with it! Use it to add some spice to your sex life - we did!!

Girlfriend Likes Seeing Me In Panties and Lingerie

My current girlfriend whom i love very very much and plan to marry knows i like to wear them. One day she made me dress up as her hot secretary with panties, bra garter belt stockings high heels and business skirt. It was totally hot! She spanked me and called me her naughty secretary. After she spanked me and caressed me up and down we had sex all night long, it was the best ever. So now she dresses me up about once a week, sometimes just panties, other times stockings and panties and other times sexy costumes. Its so much more fun than the regular same old thing. Sometimes she makes me wear panties and stockings under my suit to work and will call me and turn me on. I love her for it! We have so much fun with it.

Enjoying Panties Together

I have been married for 2 years and my husband and I have a great marriage as well as being sexual. He told me a fetish that he had for a while but was afraid to tell me. He told me that he likes to wear panties. I thought it would be a new kink for us to try and we went to VS and got him a panty and thong and its hot and sexy to see him in them. He just wears them around the house or to bed for play when we have sex.

Seeing Boyfriend In Panties Turned Me On

Recently, I convinced my boyfriend to put on my panties and stockings just for fun, but, I ended up getting extremely turned on so we had sex while he was still wearing the panties and stockings. It was hot. He looked so sexy, He likes it, and likes knowing that I love it. So, he said we definitely were doing that again.

I Like That My Husband Wears Panties

My husband loves to wear panties and spend the day relaxing with me around the house. I love it, we get along, the sex is great, we have great conversations. We have become such better friends, its like having one of my girlfriends around the house, we can talk about different types of panties, styles, colors, what looks and feels good on one another, its so great, plus our communication on everything else has gotten so much better.

Wearing Panties With Wife Or Girlfriend

I think most men are just aching for their significant other to ask them to try on a pair of panties. Most men love the feeling of wearing panties, pantyhose or lingerie, though all won't admit it, its a macho thing. Many woman enjoy seeing other sides to there husband besides just the macho side. Being playful and having fun in a relationship and being able to show different sides is very important to woman. For some men who wear panties it started with there wife or girlfriend suggesting that they try on some panties, and for some wearing panties started very early on way before dating. For those that had a wife or girlfriend ask them to try on some panties, its sort of shock as they slip the panties up and are overwhelmed by how great they feel, many say why didnt I try this years ago. Many woman enjoy seeing there husband wearing panties and seeing him wearing something a bit on the softer side, however he will be anything but soft when he slips on those panties if you know what I mean. For woman looking to spice things up try dressing up your husband in some panties, pantyhose or lingerie you will be amazed at how much he enjoys it, in fact he might already be enjoying it alone as many men do enjoy wearing panties, pantyhose or lingerie and would love to be able to enjoy it in front of there wife or girlfriend. For most men who wear panties, pantyhose or lingerie it would be a dream come true if there wife or girlfriend asked them to wear panties, pantyhose or lingerie, and for some guys that dream has come true so there is lots of hope for those who are wishing they could enjoy wearing panties, pantyhose or lingerie in front of there wife or girlfriend. Whether you are asked to wear them by your wife or girlfriend or whether you tell her being able to wear in front of your wife or girlfriend is such a relief for many who wear in secret, and having a supportive wife or girlfriend of your enjoyment of wearing panties, pantyhose or lingerie makes for a much healthier relationship as your not stressed about her finding out. Many woman do enjoy seeing a guy wearing panties, pantyhose or lingerie and they do not feel its weird or wrong, but we are all different and not all woman will be as open minded and accepting. However more and more woman are realizing just how many men enjoy this and they are becoming more open minded to it and even curious about seeing a guy in panties, pantyhose or lingerie. Many woman will approach there husband or boyfriend and ask them to put on there panties, pantyhose or lingerie, many woman do like to be in control sometimes and be a little dominate and seeing there husband or boyfriend in panties, pantyhose or lingerie and controlling his pleasure can be very exciting to them.

Like Guys In Panties

I had a boyfriend who loved wearing women's panties. He wore my panties all the time. He looked really good in them, and sometimes it made me jealous because I thought he looked better in panties than me, however he always took away those feelings because he always commented when I was getting dressed at how amazing I looked standing at the mirror in only my panties. I think we both looked great in panties and it was nice to lounge around in just panties, however not for very long as we were usually all over each other after seeing each other in panties.

Couple Wearing Panties Together

My first experience with panties was when a former girlfriend asked me to wear them. I was hesitant at first, but when I saw how hot it was making her how could I say no. Even after that relationship ended, I continued to wear panties whenever possible. I am married now, and my wife knows about my fetish and she enjoys seeing me in panties. I know there are lots of woman out there who are curious about seeing a guy wearing panties and lots of guys who wear panties, however many are not communicating this and struggling with wanting to but fearful if there wife or girlfriend will enjoy it. I was lucky that a former girlfriend asked me to wear some panties and introduced me to it, however in telling my wife it was not as simple as being asked by my former girlfriend and knowing that she will be ok with it as she is the one who asked me to wear panties. However my wife was fine with me wearing panties, in fact she has gotten more and more into it as time goes on, I have always enjoyed shopping for panties and lingerie for her, and most woman enjoy shopping for new panties and lingerie for themselves as it makes them feel sexy, my wife has expressed that she enjoys being able to pick new things out for me, its really spiced things up for us.

There Are Woman Who Like Seeing Guys Wearing Panties

There are many women who love to see men in panties. Men who wear panties are just normal every day guys that happen to enjoy the feeling of wearing panties. I have been wearing panties ever since I was 14, I am now 27, over the years I have met many curious woman who have wanted to see me wearing panties, even had one older woman buy me a bag of new panties if I would show her them all on me. Many woman do enjoy seeing a guy in something sexy, and they have to get over that panties are for woman and once they get over that and look at how a man looks in panties and how it excites them seeing a man in panties they forget about the panties are for woman thing, however some woman just do not allow themselves to get past the panties are for woman thing and never get to the feeling of "he does look good in panties" and that "he is turning me on". There are several like minded men who wear panties, and couples wearing panties together at this community I have been visiting for several years its a great place to visit and I have enjoyed it now for several years. Its always nice to be surrounded by other like minded people and I have made many friends since finding that community. That community has helped enlighten woman and shown them that men who wear panties come from all walk of life.

Love Seeing Him In Panties

My hubby put on a pair of my thongs. It was a dare, he thought it was funny, I thought he looked HOT. Now when he says "I wear the pants" I say "Yea and the panties too". He no longer has any mens underwear, its only panties for him how. I love seeing him wearing panties its such a turn on, his mens underwear never did a thing for me, but when he walks in the room in panties I get so turned on, we have sex ten times as much now.

My Husband Enjoys Wearing Panties

My husband wears panties also. He told me when we were still dating. yea, at first I thought it was a bit odd, but that was just me being closed minded. I love him, and what he likes is fine with me. He just likes the comfort of women's panties and also how they excite him which I get to enjoy the excitement they bring him as well as he has become such a better lover.

Like Guys Who Wear Panties

I've dated several guys that were into wearing panties and have had so much fun helping them into panties. Its really no big deal, its just clothing and the men I have dated who liked to wear panties were more secure with themselves than any of the macho guys who are just pretending to be all that. Its so great to be able to be one another in front of each other, to let your guard down with one another and trust each other, we all have different things we like and to be able to share that with the one we love is the ultimate way to enjoy those things.

Seeing Him In Panties Turned Me On

Been going out for a few months with this guy and he seems pretty normal to me. He likes normal guy stuff, he really gets me off in bed, I like him a lot. He spent the night last night, and I woke up this morning without waking him to take a shower. I was still trying to be quiet when I got out of the shower, and when I came down the hall I saw him trying on my pink satin panties. I didnt walk in and catch him in the act, because I didnt have a clue what to say. I went back to the bathroom and made some noise, then came back and he was lying in bed pretending to wake up. He has a really cute butt, and he looked really cute in them and I got excited seeing him in my panties and I cannot stop thinking about seeing him in more of my panties.

Excited Thinking About Men In Panties

A friend of mine when I was in college REALLY had a thing for guys who liked to wear panties. She managed to talk most of her boyfriends into wearing panties for her at some point in their relationship. Most of these guys were burly macho guys. If they did not already wear panties she turned them onto wearing panties very fast and all of them really enjoyed it. I often would go shopping with her for new things for them to wear, I was always curious what they looked like in panties and have to admit I would get excited wondering about it.

Woman Turned On By Guys Wearing Panties

I've heard about woman getting their husbands and boyfriends to wear their panties. I'm interested to get my boyfriend to do it, I have seen pictures of guys wearing panties and it turns me on and I know seeing my boyfriend wearing panties would excite me, just not sure if wearing panties would excite him, by what I have heard many men who slip them on wonder why they did not do it sooner.

Woman Turned On By Men Wearing Panties

I have dated a few guys into wearing panties and I think its really hot to see a guy wearing panties. I wish my new boyfriend would wear panties and would love to ask him to put some on but just as many guys are afraid to tell there wives I am afraid to ask my new boyfriend to wear panties for fears of what he will think. Funny how there are many men out there who wear panties who are afraid to tell there wives or girlfriends and here I am a woman who wants my boyfriend to wear panties and I am also afraid to bring it up, how weird, I know there are other woman out there like me who are turned on by this and I wonder if they had the courage to ask there husband or boyfriend to wear panties.

Guys In Panties Turn Me On

My husband wears panties. I don't see anything wrong with it, in fact its a big sexual turn on for me. We all have our turn ons and turn offs and its nice to be able to share that with one another. My advice for other woman is to keep an open mind and do not jump to conclusions if you find out your man likes wearing panties. If seeing him in panties turns you on, then don't be afraid to let him know you enjoy seeing him in panties, embrace your true feelings and enjoy that your man is doing something that turns you on and that turns him on.

Dated A Guy Who Wore Panties

I dated a guy once who like to wear womens panties and pantyhose. Seeing him in panties and pantyhose was such a turn on. I must say out of all the men I dated he was the best both as a friend and in bed, he was just so real and down to earth. Guess there is just something about men who wear panties, pantyhose and lingerie that makes them better boyfriends, husband and certainly lovers.

Woman That Like A Guy Wearing Panties

I have many friends who accept and are turned on that their husbands wear panties. They say him wearing panties does not effect there relationship and I have heard them say again and again how great of lovers there husbands are, and they have commented that past boyfriends who have not worn panties were not that good in bed and were very selfish where as there husband that wear panties are so in tune to there needs and pleasure them so well, I am a bit jealous of that. I am not married but am dating and maybe I should be looking for a man that wears panties, my friends say that to me all the time you should find a guy who likes to wear panties they say it jokingly but I know there is some seriousness to it also as they are so happy in there marriage.

Couple Wearing Panties

One night my wife asked me to wear her panties. She said it would turn her on to see me in her thong see thru panties. I have always been turned on by seeing a woman in panties and have sniffed a panty or two in my day but never thought about slipping a pair on. I was instantly excited and harder than ever and seeing my wifes reaction to me in her panties also surprised me, she was all over me. Its been a nice addition to our bedroom play.

Woman Who Likes Guys Wearing Panties

We as woman wear their clothes and underwear (such as t-shirts and boxer shorts, which is underwear same as panties). So wouldnt it also be natural for a guy to be curious about our clothing as well? I do not find anything wrong with being curious about the opposite sexes clothing. Men wearing panties are very sexy, they way the panties cling to every curve, and how they outline his hard bulge, who cares if they were made for a woman, its not about that, its just clothing, the fact is that men look amazing in panties, panties should be unisex.

Shopping For Panties With Husband

My husband took me to Victoria's Secret and was showing me everything he wanted to see me in when I noticed how hard he was becoming I asked what got him excited he said he loved the feeling of the panties, and well they don't make mens underwear that feels like panties do. Needless to say we bought a ton of panties for both of us and that night we both wore some of our new panties. OMG he was so hard that night and the sex was the best ever. Finding out that he liked panties has made our sex life so amazing. I love it I am glad I was paying attention to him while we were shopping and saw how turned on he was and glad he was open and honest with me.

Husband Enjoys Panties

My husband has been wearing panties for years. It happened by chance as a playful thing we did in the bedroom one night, but he liked the fit and feel so much over his usual mens styles, he asked if Id mind if he switched to panties. It doesnt bother me at all, he's much more comfortable, and I think he looks quite sexy in a smooth pair of bikini panties.

Like A Man Wearing Panties

I like my guy wearing panties. I think it is absolutely sexy. I have even bought him some that i wanted to see him wear. He is so much more excited and hard when he slips on some panties and foreplay is so much longer, we both just enjoy caressing each other in panties, its such a turn on.

Like How A Guy Wearing Panties Looks

My husband wears panties all the time, he said they fit and feel better then mens underwear and he said they hold him in place better. The way i look at it is they are just a piece of clothing. His butt looks real nice in them also. Remember a lot of women wear mens clothing, like mens boxers or his tshirt to bed, so why is that acceptable, but when a man wears panties there is something wrong with that. Its just clothing and if wearing something makes you feel good, then wear it. I love how a guy looks in panties.

Men Wearing Panties Turn Me On

I've always loved men in panties, garters, stockings, all types of lingerie. It has to be silky feeling panties that I can stroke him in. My guy likes to wear his Vanity Fair panties in the shower with me, they get so slick and transparent, and he gets so hard., oh my goodness, Just thinking about it gets me going.

Like Seeing A Guy Putting On Panties

I love looking at my guy get in my panties so to speak. He looks so cute pulling them up his legs wiggling his way into them. The way he pulls them up and how excited he gets when the fabric touches him its so HOT.

Understanding My Husbands Love Of Wearing Panties And Helping Other Men Wearing Panties

We are a couple wearing panties, my husband first told me about wearing panties about 8 years ago. I had never really heard about guys wearing panties so I did not know what to think. I did not get upset or mad, there was just no reason for that, my husband was still my husband. We sat down and had a conversation about when he started, why he liked wearing panties, and he reassured me he was straight and was not going to be doing things with other guys. He just liked how panties felt, he showed me the panties he was wearing and they fit him really nice, and I felt a tingle down below, I liked seeing him in panties. I guess panties whether it be on a man or woman are just made to turn a person on, being turned on seeing my husband wearing panties how I could I not be totally supportive of him wearing panties. He said he had been on this community for a few years called and he wanted to show me just how many guys enjoyed wearing panties and to read what other couples experiences were. I was amazed at how many guys were into panties, and how many other couples enjoyed it also, we read stories, and postings from others and chatted with several others, some of them were in a situation where there wife or girlfriend did not know but they were trying to find a way to tell them. I started to chat more and more and respond to postings from men who wanted to tell there wife or girlfriend, my husband enjoyed that I took such an interest in helping other men wearing panties find ways to tell there wife or girlfriend they wear panties so they to could enjoy wearing together with there wife or girlfriend. I am thanful to have helped so many men be able to enjoy wearing with there wife or girlfriend and to ease the minds of woman when they find out there man likes wearing panties. More woman need to be open minded, to not react but to listen, and to be more observant of there own feelings instead of just blindly react. Thankfully more and more couples are showing that men wearing panties is way more common and woman are starting to realize that a man wearing panties is not something that is going to ruin there relationship. Its something that can enhance your relationship and certainly enhance and spice things up in the bedroom.

Woman Who Likes Men In Panties

I used to ask my ex boyfriend to wear my panties when we went to bed. This turned me on for some reason and I know it turned him on as it was pretty hard to hide that fact. I guess It made me feel like the dominant one, I used to smack my ex's butt as he was my panties and we would often have sex while he was wearing my panties. I loved making him squirm in my panties and holding him back from cumming before letting him explode, never seen another guy explode so hard as when I did this to my ex. I have dated a few other guys and have put them in panties, they all have enjoyed it.

Like Seeing Boyfriend Wearing Panties

Like many stereotypes and fears woman have about men wearing panties I thought the same thing until I caught my boyfriend wearing my panties. I saw how hard he gets when wearing and the wet spot in them from him being so excited. I like him to put a pair on when we start foreplay. I like to touch him thru the material of his panties. To see him twitching in a pair of panties makes me so wet, I love how he enjoys foreplay much more now that he wears panties in front of me.

Woman Who Likes Men Wearing Panties

I think it's really sexy to put my panties on a man and rub him thorough them. I'd love to have him wear them secretly all day under his normal clothes, then when he gets home slowly stroke him through them until he explodes giving me something to clean up off the panties he is wearing.

Found Husband In Panties On Couch

I came home early one night from one of my classes. I wanted to surprise my my husband. Well I sure got surprised. There he was on the sofa in my panties with a erection like I had never seen him have. I was shocked but after a minute or so I could feel myself getting wet. It was a real turn on to o see him wearing panties. I quietly got undressed and then carefully pulled his dick out of the panties and then carefully got on top of him and lowered myself onto his hard dick, I was so wet he slide right in and it made slurping noise. He woke up somewhat confused for a second and then smiled as I rode him and made him cum deep inside me. From then on he wore panties 24 7 and our sex life was like never before.

My Husband Wears Panties

My husband loves to wear womens undergarments of all kinds, panties, pantyhose,lingerie, slips, etc. My husband is a very masculine, athletic, outdoor type guy. When he wears womens undergarments he gets a HUGE hard on, so I am certainly not going to complain.

Love Seeing Guy In Panties

I love my guy in thongs and womens panties! We lay out in the back yard all the time and he will usually wear a hot pink or peach stretch mesh thong (his favorites) I can't keep my eyes and hands off of him. He's so hot in panties! Bet the neighbors get an eyefull too! He is a mans man and very confident of his sexuality! When he first told me about them, I was taken back a bit, but seeing him in them, there's no question..HE'S HOT!

Guys In Panties Are A Turn On

I recently discovered my boyfriends love of wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie. He looks so good in panties, pantyhose and lingerie how could I be upset at him. Its just clothing and he looks so hot when wearing. I love when he surprises me and comes walking out in something. Its like when us girls do that to our guys, I have always loved wearing sexy panties and lingerie and surprising my man, and for my boyfriend to do that for me makes me appreciate him so much. I love how excited he gets when wearing and how hard he gets and how into foreplay and sex he is. All women should have their guys in panties, you will see how much more pleasureful sex is.

Like Seeing Husband In Panties

My husband wears panties 24/7, and we have been sharing the same panty drawer since our marriage. We go shopping at VS and other stores and I make sure the sales girls know the panties are for my husband. Some of them start asking questions, and get very interested, others just smile. It is so hot picking out new panties together and then going home and seeing him in all the new panties.

Panties Look So Hot On A Man

During a conversation I jokingly suggested that my husband wear panties. Well a few months went by and one night he surprised me by walking into the living room in one of my victorias secret panties. I was shocked for a second and then as I look him up and down I felt myself getting wet. I smiled at him and pulled him closer to me and started to rub him through the panties, then I started to lick him up and down through the panties, I loved how the outline of his dick looked in panties, have to say his mens underwear never showed off his bulge or turned me on like seeing him in panties does. I love seeing him in panties and its added a new level to our sex life.

Love Seeing Men Wearing Panties

My boyfriend wanted to try on my panties. For months he would ask me if I wanted to see him in panties. So one night I said only if you let me pick which ones. I gave him a pair of pink string bikinis. He put them on and was hard in a second. I loved the sight of his hardon stretching the material. We play all the time with panties now. My advice for other woman is to relax if you find out your guy likes wearing panties, it not something that is going to change him and ruin your relationship, its actually the opposite its something that will help bring you closer to each other and it will spice up your sex life.

Love Seeing A Guy In Panties

I love to see a guy in panties.I am 30 yrs old and my husband loves to wear panties. When he first asked if I wanted to see what he looked like in panties I was kind of shocked but thought why not. I gave him a pair of mine and he was hard instantly. He looked so hot with them on. We both love it. I know there are more woman out there who are curious about men wearing panties, more and more men are wearing panties more woman need to realize its no big deal and enjoy wearing panties with your man.

Turned On By Men Wearing Panties

I remember seeing one of my brothers friends wearing my panties when I was 14 and he was 16, it turned me on so much to see a guy wearing panties. Years later I asked my boyfriend if he would like to wear a pair of my panties. He got nice and hard with them on. He confessed that he would take the neighbor ladies panties and put them on. We have alot of fun with him wearing my panties. We are both 35 now.

Couple Into Panty Wearing

I have always liked to rub my husbands dick with my panties, but one night he put them on for me, WOW what a turn on seeing him in panties was. I rubbed him through the panties and he kept backing away saying he was going to explode, I kept coming at him like some crazy woman I am sure because I was so turned on seeing him in panties and how his hardon felt through them. I ended up making him fill those panties with lots of cum. We have enjoyed sex with panties ever since then, I love how excited panties get my husband and how I can make him cum so hard. More couples should involve panties in there sex life, spice up you sex life ladies, take your man panty shopping and make him wear panties.

Seeing Him In Panties Is A Turn On

My boyfriend told me why he enjoys wearing panties, he said panties just feel great down there, they hug your ass and dick in a way no mens underwear can. They wrap your dick in softness that only one other thing comes close to if you know what I am referring to. I totally get what he is saying and why he enjoys wearing panties, and seeing him in panties is such a turn on.

Husband Wearing Panties Makes Him A Happier Man

My husband has been wearing my panties for 5 years and I enjoy seeing him wearing panties, its just clothing and it never changed who is was. I think all men have a softer side and its great to see them embrace there softer side. When they embrace there softer side it also makes for a better relationship as they tend to understand us woman a lot better. I think my husband looks sexy in panties and its really no big deal, he is still the same man I married.

Ok With Men Wearing Panties

I was with one guy an he liked wearing panties, at first I did not know what to think, but as time went by I got very comfortable with it and I wanted him to wear my panties all the time. I just think its something that is natural for a guy to be curious about panties and most guys are curious to some degree about our panties at some point in there life. A guy wearing panties is no big deal to me, you have to remember to look at who you are with instead of jumping to conclusions. I thought my boyfriend looked hot in panties and wearing panties did not change who he was so why make a big deal out of a piece of clothing.

Like A Guy Wearing Panties

I love that my boyfriend wears panties. I love to wrap panties around his hardon and slide them up and down his dick until his juices are flowing from the tip of his dick. I will then help him slide them up his legs and on, I love to lightly run my palms and fingers over the front of his panties, making him squirm. it drives me crazy to see him squirming all over the place. Many times he has not been able to hold back and he has flooded the panties with his cream. We also enjoy having sex while both still wearing panties, just pull them to the side and go at it, its erotic to still be wearing something while having sex and to see your lover still wearing something, sort of more naughty to have sex that way.

Like Seeing Boyfriend In Panties

I enjoy seeing my boyfriend in panties, he is to embarrassed to buy them on his own so we often go shopping together, even then he is red in the face. I love picking out the panties for him as I know just the kind he likes pressing against his balls and shaft. I love rubbing him through the soft panty material and making it grow to a hardness he never reaches without the panties. Then I will rub him through the silky panty material until he is about to explode and I will then pull back the waist band and take him in my mouth and gulp up all her juices or have him squirt it all over my face.

Caught Him Putting On My Panties

One night I woke up to find the guy I was with at the time putting on my panties that I left on the floor. I told him that he looked cute in them and that he could keep them if he wanted which he graciously accepted. Then he got back in bed and I rubbed him through the panties and he came almost instantly.

Like Other Woman Seeing Boyfriend In Panties

I caught my boyfriend wearing panties one night. His package looked so hot in them. We love to shop together for new panties, we make it a game. We act like we are not with each other. The clerk will ask him if he needs help. Then when he says they are for him they usually get very helpful, and he ends up with an arm full of panties to purchase. Some have asked if they can see him put them on in the dressing room. He has allowed a few of them to look, first looking over at me and getting my approval., it makes me hot for other woman to see him wearing panties. It amazing how many of the sales clerks get very curious about wanting to see him in panties.

Seeing Husband In Panties Turns Me On

I came home from work one night late, walked in and was really careful not to wake my husband. There he was on the bed in my panties and he was hard as steel pipe. I said my my isn't that a nice sight. He thought I would be upset but it turned me on so much seeing him in my pink satin and lace panties. We fooled around for awhile then had wild sex while he was wearing my panties. Now I let him wear them when ever and where ever he wants to. Like many other woman have said it has increased our sex life so much.

Love Seeing Husband In Panties

I love to see my husband in panties. Thongs and bikini style are very sexy on him. He has a nice butt that looks so hot in them. Also his package is very hot to look at when he is wearing panties.

Like Husband Wearing Panties

I love to see my husband in panties. He asked me one night a few years ago if he could put my panties on. I said sure I guess. He did and oh my he was hard as a rock in no time and he looked so hot with the panties clinging to his nice butt and his rod sticking out the front. We had the best sex that night both wearing panties, looking over and seeing him in the mirror with those panties clinging to his sexy ass turned me on so much it made me orgasm so intense. More woman should be open to men wearing panties.

Hot Seeing Men Wearing Panties

I let my husband wear my panties, well sometimes, hes only worn them a couple times so far this year. I think its pretty hot to see him wear them especially if they are kinda see through. When we have sex and he is wearing panties he is like the energizer bunny, he keeps going and going, even after he has cum, its like he gets hard instantly again. Him wearing panties has only had a positive effect on our relationship, now if I can only get him to wear them more often, I don't think that will be to hard to get him to do.

Men Who Wear Panties Turn Me On

Men who wear panties are extremely sexy and hot. It is a total turn on. Any woman who dont like their man in panties, bring em over to me, because I love it! Woman just be a bit more open to things and you will see your relationship will be much better, much happier and much more pleasureful. There is nothing to worry about if you find out your man likes panties, just relax and talk to him and find out why he enjoys panties and enjoy the fact that panties turn him on.

Absolutely Love To See A Guy In Panties

I absolutely love to see a guy in panties. It has been a turn on for me for many years. I like to have my boyfriend wear panties and short nighty. I like it when he dances around in them for me, gets me so hot, he usually does not dance around for long as I am pushing him onto the bed and jumping on top of him. Guys there are woman out there who like men wearing panties, more woman need to open up and just let your man show you why he enjoys panties, you will see its nothing to worry about and you will see how much fun and a turn on it is.

Women Are Being More Acceping Of Men Wearing Panties

Its nice to see so many woman and couples enjoying dressing together. Over the years I have had a few girlfriends who have enjoyed seeing me dressed up and its always more enjoyable and less stressful when you can enjoy it with your partner. Many of us who dress dream of the day when we don't have to hide it from our partner and can openly enjoy dressing in front of them, luckily I have been able to enjoy it with a few girlfriends but for many who dress they have never been able to enjoy it with there partner. I have noticed that within the last few years you see more and more talk about men wearing panties, pantyhose or lingerie and thanks to communities like which I have enjoyed for several years now, that community is making wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie more part of the norm and woman are starting to understand and realize just how many men enjoy wearing panties, pantyhose or lingerie and they are seeing that all types of men wear panties, pantyhose and lingerie and they are realizing and many are becoming more curious about it. They are learning to not react but listen to why there partner enjoys panties, pantyhose and lingerie. In the woman I have dated that were ok with me wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie, it was there curiosity that opened up the door to me being able to wear in front of them and with encouragement from them. Again as time goes on its nice to see that woman are becoming more understanding and curios and are realizing that many many men enjoy wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie and are seeing that its something enjoyable to do with your partner to spice things up.

Love Seeing Husband In Panties, Pantyhose and Lingerie

My husband wears panties and I enjoy seeing him wearing panties, he has also worn pantyhose and lingerie. He does not often wear pantyhose but when he does he looks so amazing with that tight sheer fabric stretching tightly against him, his butt looks so good in pantyhose. I guess to me it was never a big deal because seeing him wearing panties and pantyhose was such a turn on, my reaction was never anything negative because I knew my husband and I am not narrow minded. I knew he enjoyed the feel of them and there is nothing wrong with that. He does not usually wear all the time mainly just when we are lounging around at home or are going to be having sex. They are such a turn on for him I do not think he could concentrate if he wore them all the time. I have never seen him get to hard as when he is wearing. I know if the day comes when he gets old that he has trouble getting it up that panties and pantyhose will cure that.

Watching Husband Masturbate With Panties

I like to watch my husband masturbating with panties. The other night, I pulled my panties off and tossed them to him, he wrapped them around his dick and slowly started to wank, seeing him do this made me so wet. I started to finger myrself to an orgasm while I watched him unload into the crotch of my panties. I love it when he slips my panties on and I rub him through them and make him explode inside the panties. I love seeing the fabric get soaked with his cum and sometimes I will put the cum soaked panties back on and wear them, it turns me on feeling them against me. I love how excited panties get my husband and love the kinky things we do with panties, we are always coming up with new ways to pleasure each other with panties.

Enjoying Panties With Husband

Many evenings my husband and I will slip into some sexy panties and lounge around watching tv together, we have even sat on the back balcony in only our panties in the summer time.  Occasionally, we slip on some sexy panties and venture out to a movie, dinner or shopping. Its so erotic to be out in public and know your husband is wearing sexy panties underneath. Our sex life has increased a thousand percent because of panties.

Couple Wearing Panty

We are a couple wearing panties and have worn together for about 10 years now. When I found out my husband wore panties at first I did not know what to think but I took a deep breath and let him talk and found out it was really no big deal, it was something that made him feel good, no more than that. He showed me his panty collection and I wanted to see him in all his panties so that first night we had sort of a panty fashion show, he looked so good in panties and I loved how they clung to his body, his underwear never did that. We had amazing sex that night, he was harder than ever and came like 3 times that night as well as making me cum multiple times. Since then panties have been apart of not only our sex life but our daily life as well as my husband wears often. He does not wear to work but as soon as he gets home he slips on some panties and we will both lounge around in the summer in just panties watching tv or movies. We often times do not lounge very long as we get so turned on seeing each other in panties. All these years panties still excite us the same, its amazing how they continue to excite us, who knew a piece of clothing could have such a lasting effect. Couples if your looking for something to spice things up try putting your husband in panties or your boyfriend in panties.

Enjoy Seeing Boyfriend Wearing Panties

My boyfriend enjoys wearing panties, he likes all types of panties, thong, bikini, boyshort, hi cut panties, brief panties or full back panties, and all types of material nylon, lace, satin, silky, cotton and microfiber. I enjoy seeing him in panties and it always makes me so horny to see him walking across the room and his bulge in a pair of sexy panties. Panty play or panty sex is always apart of our sex life. We have talked with other couples wearing panties and it does seem that more couples are into wearing panties together. Its such a erotic thing to do, guys love panties and most woman know this so whats so wrong if they slip them on, they love how they feel on and I love how they feel on him also. Nothing like making my boyfriend cum in panties. I hope other woman realize that if they find out our catch there husband wearing panties that they do not react but open up there mind and embrace it they will be so happy they did.

Couple That Likes Wearing Panties

We are a panty couple or panty wearing couple. My husband has worn panties ever since he was about 12 and we have been together since he was 20 he is now 42. I knew right away my husband wore panties and it never bothered me. He has always been honest and open and within the first month of dating he was parading around in front of me in sexy panties. I loved it, seeing that silky thin fabric pressed against his butt and his bulge poking at the silky thin material made me so horny. I loved how excited he got we he wore them and I loved doing things to him while he wore them, foreplay while both wearing panties is amazing, the two fabrics rubbing together and caressing each other in panties feels so good. We often go panty shopping together and we have so much fun, panty shopping with my husband usually ends up with us getting home and running inside to slip into our new panties. We know of other panty couples or panty wearing couples and although we are not into swinging its exiting to talk with other wifes and couples into panties. More couples should wear panties together its so erotic to both wear panties.

Woman Who Likes Guys In Panties

A girlfriend came up to me and said she caught her boyfriend wearing her panties and asked me what she should do. I told her to enjoy it. She looked at me sort of weird and said enjoy it. I said yes, I told her that several of my boyfriends had worn panties and it was really no big deal, guys like panties whether its on us, on the floor, in the hamper or on them, panties are very erotic to them. I mean us woman have to know how much our panties turn on a guy, I mean come on woman we all know guys like our panties in many different ways, sniffing them, licking them, seeing us in them, jerking with them, and yes wearing them. I told her its really no big deal, its just panties and I told her to have an open mind and ask her boyfriend about why he enjoys wearing them. She was relieved to know that several of my boyfriends have worn panties and she had no idea how many guys enjoy it. Some woman are just so clueless about what turns a guy on and what a guy is into, I sort of feel sorry for you guys out there with clueless woman who don't care or understand what things you might be into. We are all into different things, its what makes us interesting. I loved that several of my boyfriends were into panties and I hope that they are still enjoying panties with whomever they are with now, hopefully while wearing a pair of panties I gave him of mine or bought him. I would love to watch one of my past boyfriends in panties having sex with his girlfriend while he is in panties, even better a pair that I gave him. How erotic that would be.

Panty Shopping With Husband

I enjoy going panty shopping with my husband and picking out new panties for him to wear. I have even told the sales clerks they are for him, there eyes usually light up when they see him as he is a good looking guy in shape. I hope they are imagining him in his new panties. I am lucky that I get to go home and have him model his new panties for me.

Panty Wearing Couple

So nice to see so many panty wearing couples, we are a couple into panties and I love seeing my husband in panties. My favorite to see him wearing is either bikini or thong, he works out alot and has such great legs and ass, I will not say panties look better on him than me because being a woman its pretty hard to admit anyone looks better than you man or woman, us woman like to be the best looking ones in the room for sure, but panties sure do look HOT on him. I love seeing him wearing pink or bright colors as he is so manly its nice to see such a soft girly color on him.

Turned On Seeing Boyfriend Wearing Panties

It is a turn on to see my boyfriend wearing panties. I love seeing him in thongs he has such a great ass and mens thongs just do not look the same on him as womans thongs. I love how a womans thong looks on my boyfriend how the fabric conforms to his curves much the way it does us woman. Its shows off all his curves and yes his bulges as well. He also enjoys wearing bikini style and has a few boyshorts as well but mainly enjoys thongs. Nice to see other open mined woman like myself who enjoy seeing there husband wearing panties or boyfriend wearing panties. Woman don't knock it until you give it a try with your man.

Couple Wearing Panties

I hope that other couples realize just how fun wearing panties together can be. I have always enjoyed the feeling of silky, lacy or satin panties against my body so it was obvious that panties would feel probably even better against my husbands body. I was actually the one to get him into wearing panties, started with just panty handjobs and caressing him with my panties which drove him crazy, then dry humping him while wearing panties and doing some panty facesitting. Then I slipped them up his legs one night as he was laying down getting ready for me to tease him with my panties. He was so ready to have me tease him with my panties like I usually did he did not realize I was slipping them on him until they were half way up. Once all the way on, he just twitched and squirmed, I love watching him wiggle around in my panties. I made him explode in them in no time and he was ready to go again in record time. Panties are a great way to spice things up and I hope other couples realize this. Lots of men enjoy wearing panties and who knows your husband or boyfriend might just be wearing panties, why not go and enjoy wearing together, your husband or boyfriend will thank you for the rest of your life for being able to enjoy panties with you.

Gave Husband Some Panties To Wear

My husband and I were sitting on the bed one night talking about things we would like to try. He mentioned wearing panties and I got very curious about it and said that I have heard about men wearing panties. I got up and went over to my dresser and picked out a lace and satin bikini and turned around and asked if he would like to try them on. He nodded his head, I walked over and handed them to him. He got up and went into the bathroom to put them on, he was a bit embarrassed trying them on in front of me. He walked out of the bathroom in the lace and satin bikini panties and my jaw dropped, he looked so sexy, his hardon was pressing so tightly against the front and they hugged his butt so well. We had amazing foreplay and had the best sex that night, he never took off the panties during foreplay or sex and it was so erotic to feel his butt in the panties while he thrust inside me.

Girl That Loves Seeing Men Wearing Panties

Its so nice to see so many other couples wearing panties. I enjoy seeing my boyfriend wearing panties as well as seeing other men wearing panties. My boyfriend is the only guy I have seen wearing panties in person but I have seen many men in panties at its a community for men wearing panties my boyfriend showed me to give me a better understanding of why he wears panties and to show me just how many others wear panties. We visit that community often, and I have visited it alone as well, seeing men in so many different panties is such a turn on.

Like Men Wearing Panties

My husband looks so good in panties, mens underwear is so boring I can totally see why so many guys choose to wear panties. Us woman have such a selection of styles, colors, and fabrics which are made to make us feel so good, its not hard to imagine how good it must make men feel to wear panties. More woman need to realize that a guy wearing panties is not something to be upset over, relax and talk to him, and you will see that its nothing to worry about and that seeing a guy wearing panties is a turn on and it will create lots more fun in the bedroom.

Husband Is Happier Wearing Panties

I am married to a man who likes wearing panties, to me its really not a big deal, its not created anything negative in fact is enhanced who he is. I love seeing him in panties and I often times bring home new panties for him to surprise him with. We talk more, we have sex more, he is just much more happier when he is wearing panties and that is totally fine by me.

Boyfriend Wears Panties

I came home early one day and found my boyfriend going through my panty drawer, I asked what he was doing and he said its no fair you have so many styles, colors and fabrics and us men have such boring choices. So I said well pick out some you like and go and put them on, so he did and when he came back in the room wearing a thong of mine I was so turned on. I said honey you no longer have to wear your boring underwear if you don't want to, we can go shopping for some panties for you that will fit better than my size. So thats what we did, its been 2 years and that is all my boyfriend wears is panties and he looks so amazing in panties. I find that I am lucky to be with a guy that is confident enough to wear panties, and he turns me on so much more now than when he wore boring mens underwear.

Enjoy Pleasuring Men With Panties

Being a 45 year old female I have had several boyfriends over the years most of which were so interested in my panties, I even caught a few taking my panties. Being an intelligent woman I knew there was something about panties that were such a turn on to guys so I started to stroke them with my panties giving them panty hand jobs, I would sit on there face while wearing panties and rub my panty covered crotch all over there face, I also would sit on there lap and grind myself against them while I was wearing panties. This turned all of them on and they said they never had anyone else do this, I cannot believe more woman do not realize just how much guys are into our panties and how we can totally turn them on with our panties. It was not until years later that I was with a guy and was doing the normal pleasuring him with my panties that for some reason I felt the idea come upon me to have him wear them, so I suggested he slip them on and I can rub him through them, he slipped them on and it was almost a bit to much for him as he had to cool off before he filled them. I noticed this and it turned me on so much to know that the feel of panties turned him on that much. I rubbed him through the panties and in must a few minutes he was filling them, he looked shocked that he came so quickly, I thought I better ease his concern and said thats ok that you came already, and I went on to tell him how seeing him cum in panties turned me on and within a few minutes he was hard again. I love what panties do to a man and embrace men pleasuring themselves with panties, and men look so hot with a bulge pressing against that light fabric. More woman need to realize just how much panties turn a guy on, if not your missing out on a lot of pleasure for both of you. The simple article of clothing us woman wear everyday have a more powerful effect on men than many of us realize.

Turn On Seeing Boyfriend Wearing Panties

My boyfriend wears panties and I must say its a turn on seeing him wearing panties, a few of my girlfriends know that my boyfriend wears panties and they are curious to see him wearing panties, that would probably be his ultimate fantasy to be in a room full of woman wearing panties but that will have to remain a fantasy of his. My girlfriends are always asking questions about him wearing panties and you can tell they are turned on buy talking about it.

Buying Panties For Husband

I panty shop for my husband all the time. We wear the same size but we do have our own panty drawers but often times our panties get mixed up and end up in each others panty drawer. It turns me on buying him panties and seeing him in panties.

More Women Should Be Understanding Of Men Wearing Panties

I totally support my husband wearing panties, its really no big deal its just a piece of clothing. My husband wearing panties has not changed who he is so why make a big deal out of it. Plus he looks sexy in panties and it turns me on. More women should be more understanding if they find out there husband wears panties or there boyfriend wears panties, find out why he likes panties and you will see that it does not change who he is, its just something he enjoys doing, and its always better to enjoy pleasure together and wearing panties together is so exciting.

Couple In Panties

I always surprise my husband with new panties, I just bought him 5 new pairs the other day on my way home from work. Its so amazing what a piece of clothing can do but panties have brought us closer together, and have brought so much more pleasure to our lives, its so fun buy him new panties knowing how much he appreciates that I buy him panties and enjoy seeing him in panties. More couples should be more playful and try introducing panties to the bedroom, you will see just how much a joy being in panties together is.

Seeing Boyfriend Wearing Panties

I love seeing my boyfriend in panties, we go panty shopping all the time together and its such a turn on to shop for panties together, I don't recall ever being turned on shopping for panties before meeting my boyfriend. What a thrill it is now shopping for panties even when I am by myself shopping for myself or shopping for both him and me. Just knowing how much he enjoys panties and how much I enjoy seeing him in panties has created an excitement for panties for both of us. I think about him while at work and wonder what panties he is wearing today, and cannot wait to get home and catch a glimpse of his panties. I never would have thought panties could be such a turn on until seeing him in panties, and instantly I became turned on by him in panties and panties in general.

Love Seeing Guys In Panties

I love seeing guys in panties, there is nothing wrong with a guy who enjoys wearing panties. My husband of 28 years loves to wear panties and I love seeing him wearing panties. I love how guys look in panties how they cling to them and how they outline there dick when its hard and even when its soft how the head rests in the panties and you can clearly see the outline of the dick.

Pleasuring Him With Panties

I have a guy friend who I get together with every now and then for pleasure. We both have been married in the past and not interested in that with each other, just some mutual pleasure from each other. Having been in a boring married for over 25 years with little to no sex life it was time to just go out and have fun. My married consisted of the same old sex, him on top for about 2 minutes than he was asleep within 5 minutes, I tried everything to spice things up but nothing worked and he never appreciated it. The guy I get together with is amazing he is into so many things, and is open to trying new thing and creative. He mentioned how much a turn on panties are one time and said he likes the feel of them, so I started giving him hand jobs with my panties, then wrapping them around his dick while sucking on him, this made him explode so hard and I loved making him feel so good, believe me after I made him explode he went to town on licking me and made me explode, I love that is unselfish and after me making him feel good he always takes care of me. Anyways one time I told him he should slip on the panties and I can rub him in them, he loved this idea and said he had done that in the past but never in front of a woman. I could tell he was very excited about wearing panties in front of me. He slipped them on and I caressed his panty covered bulge, he twitched under the panties, I loved seeing his bulge under the panties and it turned me on so much. I continued to rub him through the panties and he exploded inside the panties, watching a guy explode inside panties is such a turn on, I never could of done this with my ex husband, I love being able to try new things. We get together often and he is always wearing panties now and I love seeing him in panties, we love both being in panties and just slipping them to the side and having sex while both wearing panties, it brings me back to those days in the back of the car with boyfriends and they slipped my panties to the side for a quickie but now its both of us in panties slipping them to the side. Sex is suppose to be fun, creative and enjoyable for both, panties have certainly done that for me and my friend I get together with. More woman should realize there are lots of guys out there who enjoy how panties feel, and what a joy it is to pleasure a guy with panties.