Thursday, March 15, 2012

Couples Wearing Panties, Woman Who Like Men Wearing Panties

We are a couple that enjoys wearing panties together, many couples like wearing panties and many woman are turned on by men wearing panties. So what type of men wear panties, well all types of men wear panties, you never know what man might be wearing panties, it just might surprise you to find out which men wear panties. And what type of woman like men wearing panties, well same thing, all types of woman like men wearing panties, you never know what type of woman will be into guys wearing panties, and once again it might surprise you to see which woman are into men wearing panties.. It would be simpler if all woman who liked men wearing panties would wear a sign or something, then guys would know they could let the woman know they wore panties and they could enjoy all the joys of wearing panties together. It might surprise guys to know just how many woman like men wearing panties, woman are becoming more aggressive in the bedroom, they are no longer timid and think they have to hold back. Couples are always looking for ways to spice things up and many woman who are with a guy wearing panties express that a guy wearing panties makes for a much better lover, he is interested in sex more often, he is not selfish and he gets well lets just say harder than a rock when wearing panties. They find that if there man can be open and honest with them about wearing panties that he makes for a better friend and lover and that the communication is the relationship is much healthier. Add in the fact that lots of woman enjoy seeing guys wearing something other than boring mens underwear, and the fact that panties just show off a mans curves and his well you know much better, and you are finding more and more couples who enjoy wearing panties together.

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